Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whirlwind few days!

It's been a few days since I've updated but a lot has happened with the house.  We met with Joy and went through the estimates we had and came to a total concession amount we'd need to move forward.  Joy put together a carefully worded letter explaining what we'd learned and included copies of the reports we had and we asked for a concession in the amount of the repairs.  We figured we'd have to wait a bit for a reply and we did. 

On Thursday, I went to Dream Dinners and got a haircut.  When I got home Greg said he had a beer for me. He hadn't given any indication that he'd heard from Joy.  I asked if he had and he said yes and the owner did not believe there was anything wrong with the foundation as it had been repaired and that was that.  We were stunned.  We expected a counter but not nothing.  We talked a lot and ended up giving Joy a call back and having her turn the house portal back on since we might be looking again soon.  

She recommended that we see if we could find any info about the original repairs.  When we met with the contractor and described what we understood to be the repair work done he named a company in the area that made that specific repair.  He said this company had since split into two different companies and the records were likely lost.  I did a little research on the company and found the websites for each of the spin offs and sent it to Greg the day prior.  Well, Greg was pretty aggressive regarding this and the next morning he called them both up to see if by chance they did still have the records and one of them DID!  We had to wait while they obtained permission from the owners to let us know what the repair was.  

It turns out there was a second foundation poured on the right side of the house.  The issue we are having now is not on the right side but actually on the back wall of the house.  We kept in close contact with Joy throughout the day as we got the info.  I called her that night and asked if we should make a counter given the new info we had.  She thought that was a good idea and I told her we'd be willing to make the repairs if they could agree to meet us halfway.  She said instead of going through the whole paperwork process, she'd go ahead and just make the counter verbally and get back to us later on.  An hour later we heard back from her and she was sounding much happier than when we'd spoken an hour earlier.  They'd decided to meet us halfway!  Greg asked her what changed their tune.  She said it was the fact that we'd gotten the information on the original repair.  When they realized the issue was the back of the house and not the side that was repaired they were willing to work with us.  

We are so excited to have all of this hammered out!  Now we will move on to meeting with contractors about the updates we want to make to the house.  We are meeting Joy out there tomorrow night to map out what we are interested in before we meet with two Wednesday.  

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