Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We made an offer!

Today we officially made our big move towards becoming home owner's!  We made an offer on a house.  We dropped the girls off at daycare and then headed over to Huff to meet with the 203k mortgage person and then Joy to make an offer on the "Mid-Century Modern."  

We spent about an hour with the mortgage person talking how the FHA 203k works.  We learned about the contingency fund, how to select contractors and all the other ins and outs of the program. 

Once we were done with this Joy came in and we went through the process of making an offer.  We signed a lot of required paperwork and then moved on to discussing the offer process.  Joy was awesome and went through the contract with us page by page.  Reading to us and explaining where necessary so we had a very good understanding of what we needed to do once we made the offer and the deadlines if it is accepted.  Greg and I were a bit punchy from our nerves over what we were doing so we bantered a lot about what we were doing to attempt to keep the situation light.  Joy did a good job of keeping us on target and ensuring we grasped what we needed to know about the process.  Once we'd read through the contract we discussed the price, Greg and I both had a different idea about what we are interested in offering.  We discussed this briefly as we went through the comps and then asked Joy's opinion.  She helped us come to a compromise and we came to a number and went with it.  

Now we wait.  Mr. Impatient already e-mailed and asked Joy has heard anything back and she hasn't.  So we wait.  

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