My Progress As A Runner

Since Melissa and I have started running, I figured I would start a page to document my history of running and how I have done.  A year ago if you would have told me I was going to be a runner and love doing it, I would have told you that you were crazy!  I love to run and if I don't get to go running I feel like I am missing out on something.  I love running long distances and being able to keep my body healthy and push my body.  Running is my preferred method of exercising and I hope to make most of the numbers below a lot lower than they are now.


Since the birth of our twins I haven't ran consistently since last May.  I am going to start running again and will run in this year's Niagara Falls International Marathon. This will be my first Marathon race and I hope to make it a good one!  Now, in order to do that I have to balance work, home, helping to care for twins, & fatigue!  I give anyone who has started/continued/resumed running credit but I give even more to those who have children/twins.  By the time we get home and get them into bed the last thing I am thinking about doing is going for a run, but if I am going to accomplish my goals for this year I am going to have to make myself run.  There is a track at work which I might have to start running on, however I don't know how I feel about lugging a change of clothes, shower supplies, gym equipment, etc to my office every work day.  Maybe I will try it out and see come this spring since there are some guys that I know that do it.  I have an hour for lunch and I can get in about 5 miles in an hour.  I should be able to get longer runs in with my wife either on the weekends or later in the evening once the weather turns nice as we are going to get a Double Jogging Stroller.  We would like to get a good one so that it lasts and we hope to do some races with it, too.  You can follow my training progress on the blog main page with the training widget and race count down in the right hand column.  Wish us luck!

*Update - 3/2/2012*

Well Melissa and I have been working hard to lose weight and I am happy to say that it's working.  We are both down 25 lbs. since we started working out!  We have even gotten one of the teachers from their daycare to come on the weekends and watch the girls for a few hours while we go and run together.  We are currently on the Hal Higdon - "Couch to Half Marathon" plan.  I plan on either running another half marathon with Melissa or doing a full Marathon by myself.  I look forward to doing a Marathon.  It's a goal I can't wait to accomplish!  We are currently running at a 11 - 10 minute pace, which is great!  I'll post our Mini-Heart Marathon times and any other races we do this year and I will keep you updated as to our training status.

*Update - 3/19/2012*

Yesterday, Melissa & I ran in the Mercy Health Heart Mini-Marathon and we did something we didn't do for our first half marathon.  We RAN THE WHOLE RACE!  Last time, Melissa was pregnant so we had to stop every 3 miles for a bathroom break and we also ended up walking the last 3 miles.  I am very proud of this accomplishment and think that it is the first of many more, don't let Melissa read that part :-)~  If you would like to see proof of this you can see pictures on my twitpic account.

Race Date Chip
Pace Place
Overall Gender
Sunburst 5k 05-31-08 38:23 12:23 / M 2341/2646 1302/1391
Flying Pig 5k 05-02-09 32:02 10:20 / M 584/1915 26/57
Redlegs 5k 29:53 9:39 / M 1314/2792 863/1388
Sunburst 10k 06-06-09 1:03:52 10:18 / M 854/1065 480/547
MLB AllStar 5k 07-21-09 31:21 10:15 / M 2372/5152 1505/2437
Niagara Falls Int. 1/2 Marathon 10-25-09 2:57:13 8:30 / KM 1519/1747 593/620
Turkey Trot 10k 11-26-09 1:14:48 12:03 / M 10,820/15,511 5910/7297
Flying Pig 10k 05-01-10 1:07:52 10:57 / M 810/1584 77/107
Flying Pig 5k
* (Running Stroller)
05-30-11 38:47 12:31 / M 1589/2963 769/1098
Turkey Trot 10k
* (Running Stroller)
10-24-11 1:12:19 11:40 / M 13,830/2963 4937/6238
Mercy Health
  Heart Mini
03-18-12 2:30:18 11:29 / M 1447/1671 867/941