Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baptism today

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eight month pictures

Eight month update

Both girls - You girls have made quite a few changes this month. Your Dad and I feel like you've changed by leaps and bounds and it's happening so quickly. You are into everything and we've had to put up gates to contain you. Before we did this one of your favorite things to do was get into the dog bowl. You are both waving and are pretty chatty when you get going but no words yet. We are finally all sleeping through the night which is providing Mommy & Daddy with some much needed rest! We've made a pretty good transition to some solids, you love your orange veggies & broccoli!

Mommy received an e-mail this week that they would like to make the transition to the bigger infant room. I knew this was coming but it took me by surprise, I thought that move was still another month away. You also seek each other out a daycare after naps to play. You definitely know each other and that bond makes Daddy & me smile.

L - This has been the month of movement. When you set your sights on something you get there fast!! You can clap your hands which cracks us up because you do it all the time. You are a giggly gus and laugh at everything. You can pull yourself up on just about anything and even pushed a chair a few steps at daycare the other day. You crawled on all fours once, NAKED! Daddy says the clothes are just weighing you down. You have a tooth on top and go through drooling spurts so we know more are coming. You weigh about 17 pounds.

N - This has been the month of illness. You kicked off the beginning of the month with pneumonia & an ear infection. We got you through that and you ended the month with another ear infection. We are headed to ENT in the next week to determine if tubes are the path we need to head down. We've also discovered that you still have reflux, we started giving you the meds again and you have been a much happier girl. You love jumping the jump-n-go. As soon as we say, "jump, jump" you really get going it cracks us up. You are sitting up for long periods of time now and playing with toys. We are still waiting for some teeth and weighed in at 14.5 pounds this month. All of the illnesses really set your weight back.