Saturday, June 25, 2011

1 year pictures with photographer

Miss Ryan did a fantastic job.  I have no idea which pictures we are going to print since I love them all so much! Here are a couple of my faves.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pictures from a family wedding

Greg's cousin got married this past weekend. We packed our party in and took it to St. Louis. We had a great time and the fun included a trip to the zoo, dinner out without the girls, the wedding & a trip to the pool before we left. Here are some pics we snapped:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

L & N 1 Year Update

So we really haven't had time for much of an update lately. So much changes so fast around here and before I know it another month has flown by.  I've started a couple of update blogs but been too busy to finish them or called away before they are finished.  The girls are down for the night so here is where we are at a year:
  • Both girls are attached to Mommy.  It is getting increasingly difficult to drop you off at day care.  As much as it makes me sad to leave I savor this stage because I know soon I will drop you off and you won't notice as much when I leave.
  • You both have quite a head of hair.  I love to put it up in pigtails and you've learned to sit so pretty while I do it.  It makes me proud!
  • L is very close to walking on her own.  She has taken a couple steps a few times it won't be long before she is on her way.  N gets kick out of watching L walk so I know she will not be far behind.
  • You both love eating table food - it has not been hard to transition down the formula during the day.  We are slowing transitioning to milk.  L you love your bananas every morning for breakfast and N you have quite to love of avocados.
  • L you weighed in at 20 lb 3 oz at your 1 year visit & screamed from the second Dr. J walked into the room until he left.  You did not trust him one bit; with good reason too, you got three shots!  N you weighed in at a svelt 17 lb at the 1 year visit and you were fascinated watching Dr. J as he examined you, probably a little too calm.  Dr. J says you are both on track developmentally and did confirm that we saw him a lot for the first year but he attributed it to ears and day care.  He said we didn't have a chance since there are two of you and the odds were not good that whatever was going around would pass both of you every time.  He said it will get better now though.
  • L you've had 3 ear infections since the tubes were put in but nothing has brewed since the weather changed.  Whenever you get an inkling of a runny nose we start ear drops to head them off.  It's been working. 
  • N you managed to get strep throat and you shared it with Mommy!  Mommy has never had it before in her life it was not a fun experience.  Luckily Daddy and L remained illness free, we were pretty concerned.
  • You are both forever fascinated by April.  She love it when you are eating because generally it means a lot of scraps from you guys!  You have figured out that when you are no longer interested in what we are feeding you that you can drop it over the side of the tray and April will take it.  It makes me crazy!!!
  • You both have 6 six teeth.  We've started the task of brushing them at night at bathtime because we like to keep things wild and crazy around here.
  • Speaking of baths you both love the nighttime ritual of getting your baths from Daddy while Mommy gets everything ready for the next day.  We've got such a routine down that if Mommy comes in early you think it is time to get out of the tub. 
  • N you sleep through the night fairly consistently unless you are hungry then you drink 4 oz and fall right back to sleep.  L you are up every night still between about 2-3 and drink 4 oz and fall back to sleep.  No matter what we do we cannot seem to get that 4 oz added to your meals during the day.  We hope you outgrow this at some point!
  • We went on our first two trips out of town in the past couple months.  You girls are not good travelers yet but I think that will come with time.  When I climb in the back to entertain or feed you - tears are shed because you think I am going to get you out.  It makes things difficult. 
  • You both still hate getting in your car seats.  We are transitioning to convertible seats soon but staying rear facing - it is probably not going to get much better.
  • You are both pretty much binky free except at bed time and when Daddy gives in and gives one.  I keep them in your beds but unless we are out of our element I usually don't find them in your mouths even at night. 
  • N you are a biter.  There is NOTHING we can do about it except catch you in the act.  This is very frustrating because sometimes we don't realize it until L is screaming bloody murder.  She will learn to quit stealing your toys this way though.  Sisterly squables already!
Well this probably isn't everything but it covers a lot.  You both continue to amaze us and we continue to enjoy watching you grow and change.  Good things are to come.