Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Girls First Trip To The Zoo!

Today we took the girls to the Cincinnati Zoo!  For the first 1/2 hour the girls were asleep but then we they woke up and we saw a lot of animals.  First, we went into the reptile house, where we saw a lot of creepy looking animals and something that made Melissa fearful for the girls and she made me move the stroller away from the area where the animals were, crocs.  We then went to the cat house where we saw some funny looking felines. We saw some monkeys, lions, flamingos, bears, elephants, and the giraffes. Melissa and I like the giraffes and we hadn't been able to see them last time we went to the zoo since they were not at the zoo yet.  We took the girls to the gift shop and got them a toy to help them remember the day, L got a stuffed lion and N got a giraffe.  We brought them home with us and they are so lovable and fun to play with that April even wants to play with them!  Here are some more pictures from the day!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Three month pictures

Three Month Update

Both Girls:

  • You both have really come into your own and are starting to really show pieces of your personalities. You are very smiley girls!
  • You are both very chatty girls. You love to tell stories and "talk" a lot!!!
  • You are adapting well to the day care routine and really like your teacher Miss Betsy. She is starting to figure out your routines and temperaments.
  • You spent a whole day by yourself with daddy and everyone survived and even had some fun.
  • You made a trip to the dog park with April.
  • You watched your first ND game with Daddy in your bumbo seats and they won!!!


  • Our little ham, you spend a lot of time trying to catch Mommy's eye when I am busy just so you can smile!
  • You reach up and grab for toys on your exercise mat.
  • You enjoy tummy time and have rolled up on your side but not quite over yet.
  • You love the bumbo seats your Dad bought you. You just sit there and take everything in.
  • You still nurse like a champ and Mommy loves our time together!


  • You are a bit fussy this month, if you want to be held you let us know it.
  • You've discovered your hands and you are fascinated by them to no end.
  • You do not like tummy time and one of these days you are going to roll over out of spite.
  • You are starting to drool a little and you blow bubbles with your mouth.
  • You are a little peanut. Mama is always worried you aren't growing fast enough.
  • You were officially nursed by Mommy! I much prefer that to all this pumping!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Year Later, Oh How Things Have Changed

As I sit here watching the WEBN Fireworks on TV I have to think how our lives have changed from a year ago.
  1.  Melissa and I were vacationing in the Smokey Mountains of TN.
  2. We very rarely went a day without running.
  3. We had only 2 dependents (April and Penelope - our dogs).
  4. We hadn't ran a half-marathon.
  5. My days usually centered around finding a way to go run.
  1.  We are in Cincinnati as we cannot go out of town since it will be very difficult with two babies and we have no vacation time.
  2. We very rarely run, yet at least.
  3. We have 3 dependents (Natalie, Leah, and April - Penelope returned to her owner).
  4. We ran a half-marathon last October.
  5. My days now center around the girls Natalie & Leah and keeping them on some sort of schedule.
It's even evident in the pictures we take.


We however wouldn't want it any other way!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Day Alone With The Girls

Leah, Me, & Natalie Hanging Out!
Sorry, it has been so long since I have blogged. Today, our day care wasn't open so I had to take the day off to watch Leah & Natalie.  I have never watched them for a whole day, all by myself, so I was a little nervous.  Everyone got up early, I made breakfast for Melissa and myself, fed the girls, changed them, and got them dressed.  Melissa left for work and the day began.  We hung around the house for a while I would get the girls up change, feed, and play with them and then put them back down for a nap, their usual routine.  Leah, took a 3 hour nap which surprised me!  Around, 9 Melissa texted me and asked how things were going, I told her they were going fine and that I was heading out in a while to go to Target to get our quick shopping trip done.  Around 12:15 I packed up the girls and we headed out to Target and Chick-fil-a for lunch for me.  While at Target we picked up a few things but one of the things we picked up were 2 Bumbo Seats.  These seats are designed to help babies practice sitting up.   While in the store we had a mini meltdown but everything was quickly returned to normal and then we went up to pay.  The cashier at the front said: "Why are they with you today?"  I said, "Well, our daycare is closed today and mommy couldn't take the day off so it's me and the girls!" We paid for our items and headed to Chick-fil-a. I picked up lunch and headed back to the house.  Leah was fussing until I got the car moving and then she slowly fell back asleep.  When I got home I kept the girls in their car seats and fed them while I ate my lunch, I even gave April some chicken nuggets! After lunch, I played with the girls a little bit and then put Natalie down for a nap and Leah fell asleep in the swing for a little bit.  The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful.  I would say we had a pretty successful day and I took tons of pictures!