Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Girls First Trip To The Zoo!

Today we took the girls to the Cincinnati Zoo!  For the first 1/2 hour the girls were asleep but then we they woke up and we saw a lot of animals.  First, we went into the reptile house, where we saw a lot of creepy looking animals and something that made Melissa fearful for the girls and she made me move the stroller away from the area where the animals were, crocs.  We then went to the cat house where we saw some funny looking felines. We saw some monkeys, lions, flamingos, bears, elephants, and the giraffes. Melissa and I like the giraffes and we hadn't been able to see them last time we went to the zoo since they were not at the zoo yet.  We took the girls to the gift shop and got them a toy to help them remember the day, L got a stuffed lion and N got a giraffe.  We brought them home with us and they are so lovable and fun to play with that April even wants to play with them!  Here are some more pictures from the day!


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