Friday, September 10, 2010

Three Month Update

Both Girls:

  • You both have really come into your own and are starting to really show pieces of your personalities. You are very smiley girls!
  • You are both very chatty girls. You love to tell stories and "talk" a lot!!!
  • You are adapting well to the day care routine and really like your teacher Miss Betsy. She is starting to figure out your routines and temperaments.
  • You spent a whole day by yourself with daddy and everyone survived and even had some fun.
  • You made a trip to the dog park with April.
  • You watched your first ND game with Daddy in your bumbo seats and they won!!!


  • Our little ham, you spend a lot of time trying to catch Mommy's eye when I am busy just so you can smile!
  • You reach up and grab for toys on your exercise mat.
  • You enjoy tummy time and have rolled up on your side but not quite over yet.
  • You love the bumbo seats your Dad bought you. You just sit there and take everything in.
  • You still nurse like a champ and Mommy loves our time together!


  • You are a bit fussy this month, if you want to be held you let us know it.
  • You've discovered your hands and you are fascinated by them to no end.
  • You do not like tummy time and one of these days you are going to roll over out of spite.
  • You are starting to drool a little and you blow bubbles with your mouth.
  • You are a little peanut. Mama is always worried you aren't growing fast enough.
  • You were officially nursed by Mommy! I much prefer that to all this pumping!

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