Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Love Running!!

Greg and I have been running off and on for almost five years.  Sometimes more off than on. Throughout this time we've met a lot of folks that like to run and a lot of folks that like to tell us why they don't run.  I'm really a to each his own kind of person.  If you don't like to run it's fine with me, I don't judge. Can I judge?  Not really, I've fallen off the wagon a couple times. Life presents us with challenges and there is always a point where something needs to give and for us sometimes with two jobs and two kids it is the exercise.  My hope is that this time something is different.  

It does feel different.  We have some pretty hefty goals for ourselves this year.  A 15k, a half-marathon and a full marathon all in a year.  Is it attainable with everything else we have going on?  I'm not sure.  Greg and I talked about the full marathon prospect and we are currently debating backing down and doing two half-marathons in the fall instead.  This is for a couple of reasons, we do our long training runs on the weekends and with Greg's second job getting these in is going to be challenging over the summer. Also, we both have recently had mild running injuries, he has some muscle strain in his hip and I've developed shin splints.  I'm seeing a PT who gave me some exercises to help me gain some strength and chance my stance a little when I'm running that should help resolve the issue.  For this reason, we've adjusted our training a little and incorporated better cross training.  I'm looking at the half-marathon options around here for the fall and I have a few I'm considering. More details to come.  If we make this shift we will aim for a full next spring instead.

Now onto the title of this blog.  I really love to run, when I went into the doctor to make sure my shin splints weren't fractures I was really panicked that he would tell me I needed to quit running. Our primary care doc recently left her practice and we picked a new doctor closer to home and we were excited to see that in addition to focusing on primary care he is also a sports med doctor.  This is great because we knew he'd be able to help us with running related issues as they popped up. As he was doing his exam, I kept asking if I was going to need to quit or slow down.  He finally looked at me and said I'd have to slow down and cross train better.  I sighed and he looked and me and said. "No offense, runners are crazy.  A good kind of crazy but crazy."  I laughed because I knew he had me pegged.  The idea of taking time off when I've finally getting into a good groove was a little disheartening.  I was visiting with someone else the next day and told him about this conversation and he is a former runner but when I talked about my dislike of the elliptical machine. He told me runner's are snobs, I said "it's just not the same" and he said, "Exactly, snobs."  I started cracking up. 

I never expected to be one of these crazy running people but the rush (runner's high) I get after a run is invigorating, I crave it.  I feel as if I've conquered the world.  If you don't run and are interested feel free to contact me, I'm happy to share the couch to 5k plan we started with a few years ago.  It really got us started on the right foot and helped us build the endurance to run long distances. Once you get past the I can't catch my breath, I want to die place of early training days it is a pretty awesome sport.  

Purge 2014 Update

We've gotten a little behind in posting our purge pictures.  We are still getting rid of at least an item a day but for awhile I ran out of room on my iPhone and the iPad so I wasn't taking any pictures.  I cleared the space up finally so I've started getting back into the picture taking habit in the past few days.  Regardless of picture taking, we've made lots of progress over the past month.  Greg took another carload of stuff to the Goodwill drop off station today.  That makes four good sized carloads, I'm not sure the govt will believe all the receipts next year.  

We have listed pretty much all of our cake pans on either eBay or if they don't seem worth the eBay attempt on Craigslist.  We narrowed down our cake pan collection to what I honestly think we have the best shot at using.  The rest are going because there is no point in having six boxes of cake pans sitting around waiting for a rainy day.  None of the boxes had been opened since last spring when we moved from the house we were renting to the apartment we stayed in over the summer.  
Tonight, I also started the process of going through the girls baby clothes.  I'm working on gathering the stuff we really like to get sent off to make a quilt for each girl.  I started tonight buy pulling out three bins within a half hour I'd pulled out enough to bring it down to one and put two more bags of clothes out for the goodwill or a used kids clothing store. 

So for now, we keep on trucking.  The progress feels slow at times but I continue to remind myself that we did not accumulate everything overnight.  Change is slow sometimes and as long as we keep moving forward, we will succeed in our journey towards less. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cincinnati Heart Mini 2014

We did it!  We ran our first race of 2014.  Another goal met!  Our time wasn't that great but for us this race was all about getting there because we've had a busy taxing couple of months.  

Our overall time was 1:54:40 for a pace of 12:20/mile.  It wasn't really great but we ran the whole thing and with the chilly weather we really hadn't done any hill training and if you've ever been to Cincinnati you know it is called the city of seven hills for a reason.  

Next up for our race season: The Flying Pig 10k.  We will be running this as a part of our half marathon training program.  We are also excited to add that L & N will be running in the Kids Fun Run associated with the race.  They have become quite fascinated with our training and trips to the gym.  They ride in the running stroller when it is warm enough to run outside and when we go to the gym they ask how it went and tell us all about how they are going to start going to the gym when they are grown ups.  We bought them some athletic shoes this past weekend and they've shown them to everyone around and told everyone that they are going to run in a "kid race."  It is awesome to see them so excited about something we love! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Batgirl and Robin

The girls are really into dressing up these days.  I got them these cute costumes for Christmas.  I wasn't sure if they would like them but man was I wrong.  Superheros are all the rage right now with the three year old crowd.  The girls love the costumes so much they wore them to school one day a couple weeks ago.  I brought the camera along and snapped some pics. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Laundry Soap Recipe

A few months ago we started making our own laundry soap.  This was not only because we've become crazy natural hippies (a little) but also because it is much cheaper than buying laundry detergent at the store.  As you can imagine with two kids and multiple trips to the gym every week we tend to do one (sometimes two) loads of laundry a day to keep up. I did some research and found multiple recipes online to make laundry detergent so I combined them and created my own.  I thought I'd share for anyone who might be interested. 

Laundry Soap Recipe:

1-2 bars of soap 
1 cup borax
1 cup washing soda
3.5 gallons water

Grate up the bars of soap using a cheese grater.  I use two because in my experience it makes the detergent a little thicker.  I don't think this impacts the effectiveness of the soap, it's just my preference. 

Yesterday we used Fels-naptha and Irish Spring since that's what we had. We've used other bars as well.  

Bring 4-8 cups of water to a boil in a medium saucepan and add the grated soap. 

Boil until it melts and basically becomes soapy water.

While that is boiling fill a five gallon bucket with the remaining water and the borax and washing soda. 

Once the soap is ready, add to the bucket and stir well. 

Cover the mixture and let it set for 24 hours.  Then you can stir it up.  It will be a little lumpy.  I use a half a cup per load.  If you prefer it to be scented you can add essential oils.  I've not tried this yet so I don't have any recommendations on how much. 

De-clutter Mission March Days 1-9

De-clutter Mission February Days 26-28

Quick pics

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

De-clutter Mission February Days 11-25

We've got quite a few balls in the air right now but we are still purging at least one item a day.  We've taken three car loads to the Goodwill already this year and will be taking many more I'm sure.  As we've taken this journey towards simplicity I've made other moves towards less as well.  I've stopped about 90% of the subscription emails I've been getting.  It's funny when you don't get ads for things you don't want you tend to want less.  I've worked hard at storing less on our counters.  Greg heard a radio show where they talked about how flat surfaces tend to be the biggest accumulators of "stuff," so we've been more cognizant of this as well. 

Alas, more proof that we are moving towards less:

Monday, February 10, 2014

De-clutter Mission February Days 1-10

Ha and you thought since we hadn't posted in awhile that we'd quit! Nope, just a little busy around here.  Here are some items we've added to the donate box over the past few days:

Greg's idea since we rarely buy paper towels. 

We actually got rid of a few books. This is the only one we snapped a pic of.

Umm, we had 8 laundry baskets......

Greg is kind of sad about this one but it's never come out of its box in 8 years.