Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Power washing the patio




Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More walls come down!

The pantry came out today!

The carpet went down in the family room. 

 Ignore the bassinet it came from storage. 

The ceiling fans are installed.

Tomorrow the pilaster installation begins!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A stove, a fridge and the plumber oh my....

Today was new stove and refrigerator delivery day!  The plumber was also working away today at getting the bathroom ready for the shower & vanity installation.  Of course we have some pictures to share:

The refrigerator!  So shiny!

The stove!  The space where the previous cooktop sat was 36 inches so I really debated going with a standard 30 inch stove and building something to sit on either side or getting a 36 inch stove.  I decided to go with the 36 inch stove since we do a lot of cooking.  I know it will be used.  After a lot of internet searching I found this floor model at Sears at a pretty good discount so we swooped in last Saturday and picked it up.

The overhead shower light.

 More plumbing is ready in the bathroom.

The attic access was relocated (otherwise it would have been over the shower!).  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some updated pictures

Things are moving along, a little slowly because we are awaiting bank approval to take down the extra wall in the kitchen and the rest of the small changes.   The process is reminding me a bit of the underwriting process we went through to get the house, a lot of i dotting and t crossing.  However, a few other things have happened in the meantime.  

The basement/garage wall is framed.  

The ceramic tile in the family room!

The carpet is not laid officially yet, but it's ready!

The bathroom and kitchen tile samples that we picked.

 The new doorway to the master bedroom is framed in.

 The bedroom is framed in (can you sense a theme?)

The drains for the double vanity. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Draw Inspection

Today we had our first draw inspection with our HUD inspector.  His role is to inspect the house and ensure progress is being made for the bank to validate we are actually making improvements.  We worked with our contractors to make a couple small changes to the scope of our project so we needed to submit these to him with the updated bid as well.  

As the project has gone on we've decided we'd like to change a couple things and we also missed a couple things in our initial bid as well:
     * Adding a fan to the girls bathroom
     * Moving the attic access from the master closet to the front hall closet
     * Adding a couple base cabinets in the kitchen
     * Knocking down the little closet we were going to use as a pantry.  We decided once we took down the wall that it looks out of place.  
     * Removed hardwood floor refinishing from the bid because they are in really good shape already.
     * Fixing the additional crack we found in the basement. 

We also received our allowances for the tile, granite and other finishes we will be choosing for the house.  We tried to go pick tiles for the basement room tonight with the girls but it was a bit of a disaster so we will have to get a sitter and take the time to go back and look without them this weekend.  Once we get the tiles chosen they will install them and the carpet downstairs in the family room and it will be done!   

The electrical panel was updated today as well.  The contractors have also removed more of the wall in the bathroom so of course I snapped a couple more pictures to share.