Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Changes over the past week

Sorry, I haven't had a lot of time to update (not that I expect more than five people probably read this anyways!).  It is busy being a mom, wife, working professional and now project manager! Hopefully, the role of renovation project manager is a short one, I'm sleepy and we have to somehow fit in training for the half marathon we want to run in October.  

Here is what has changed over the past week:  
* The linoleum in the kitchen is up and we are down to the sub floor.  Ready to tile soon hopefully!

* The bathroom has been demo'ed and the current master bedroom closet removed.  The space is bigger than I thought it would be. 

* Two of the repaired cracks in the basement have minor leaks so we are bringing the foundation contractor back out to repair.  I'm not terribly worried about the leaks the work is warrantied for 25 years. Also, the repair of the cracks led us to discover another crack we did not see initially so we will have to get and estimate for this and add it to our repairs. 
* We primed and painted the family room.  It looks great and so much fresher.  

* The carpet in the hallway came up. 

* I've discovered the need for gardening gloves when pulling cacti out of the front garden.  Just barely brushing these guys lands a bunch of spines in various parts of my hand and I am not a fan! 
* We bought our first ever trash can!  

There is a lot coming up in the next couple days:

* Tomorrow we have our first HUD draw inspection.  Basically our contractor will invoice all work that has been done so far to prove to the bank that we've started work and we (Greg, the contractors & me) will show the HUD inspector what has been done.  I believe he will take some pictures and then submit all to the bank for the first draw check for the contractors. 
* The electrician is coming tomorrow to upgrade our electrical panel. If you recall it is a fuse panel which in and of itself was not a huge deal but the brand of panel is known to start on fire so it was a required change.  
* We will start to pick out tiles for the bathroom, downstairs & kitchen.
* We will prime our bedroom.  We've struggled a little with painting the bright pink room since we did not prime it, so we are priming everything else before we paint it.  
* Finish painting the pink room.  We've walked away out of frustration a couple times.  We are going to hit it with the final coat of paint and hopefully be done in there and ready to move some toys in. 

Tomorrow I will try to get some better pictures of everything going on.  I know the other wall in the bathroom will be out so it will be wide open!

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