Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a Difference a Couple of Hours Makes

Today we went to Costco to go shopping and on our way into Costco, I said to Melissa: “Are you hungry?” She replied and said that she was not hungry and that we had eaten out too much this month. I said ok and let it go. Now I have to tell you that since she has become pregnant she has been very hungry. So we headed home to unload the groceries, let the dogs out, and then we had to head out for some more shopping. We happened to pass a “Logan’s Roadhouse” and Melissa said we should get some of their rolls to go along with the ribs that we were cooking back at the house. As we pulled into the parking lot Melissa looks at me and says: “If they do not have rolls to go, we are eating dinner here!” I told her didn’t you just tell me about eating out earlier and she said, I don’t care I am starving. Luckily, they did have rolls to go so we were able to have them with our dinner, that we made at home. I am going to have to keep my ears open to prevent any binge eating.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Notre Dame / USC Weekend Thoughts

This weekend started out with Melissa and I running our final long run prior to our Mini-Marathon next week in Buffalo, NY. We ran a path that we had road bikes on to a Notre Dame Football game a few years ago. During that bike trip, Melissa and I had shown our fitness level when we were breathing heavy and being extremely fatigue. This past Saturday we ran the entire path and back and were just a little fatigued. After this we headed back to my parent's house to shower and get ready for the Notre Dame vs. USC game. We made a stop at Martin's Supermarket to get a salad from their salad bar, we stopped to pick up a coat for Melissa's brother, and then we were off to campus to see Notre Dame defeat USC. We parked and walked to campus. On the way way there Melissa bought the shirt that you can see in the picture to the right. She is very proud of it and I think it is pretty cool, too! We walked around campus taking in the atmosphere and see the usual gameday activities. We snapped a couple of pictures of the campus and then it was on to the game. The outcome was not what Irish fans expected however we it was the best college football game that I can say I have had the pleasure of going to. I will post some hightlights of the game and a couple of other pictures from the weekend soon. I can say that even though the outcome stinks, I am glad that the Irish were able to hang in with the trojans, which had been a problem as of late. The Irish are now 4 - 2 and I hope that they can meet the trojans again in a bowl game as I think the game will end differently. A few things that need to change:
  • The defense needs to step it up. You can't have the team on 3rd down and 9 and give up 30 - 60 yards.
  • You can't let time that you will NEED later in the game to run off the clock to prevent the other team, IN CASE you score from getting the ball back.
After the loss we went to visit Melissa's brother and then went to my parents house to get some much needed sleep. We woke up the next morning, took the dogs on a long walk since we were getting Family Portrait done by our wedding photographer Sunday morning. The pictures turned our really well and I hope to post some for everyone to see. Well here's to the start of hopefully a good work week, oh and the Buffalo Bills pulled out an overtime win against the NY Jets. GO BILLS!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Didn’t you Pee on Enough Sticks

Well Melissa decided she was going to take a home pregnancy test to see if she was pregnant or not. This was on a Wednesday and I was on my way home so she took it and I logged into facebook while I was waiting for our food and her status was "Melissa is well......" I called her and she respond with, we're pregnant. Now I was ecstatic but Melissa said we should do it again in the morning to make sure (hey, they were dollar store pregnancy test, so you never know!) So she took another one with the same result, and another, and another, until we had 5 positive tests over 3 days and then the digital test on the last day. We were happy, however, we got bloodwork done at the doctor just to me safe. Now we agreed to get the info together however the doctor's call caught Melissa at home and me in the car on my way home. We were headed out of town to run in the NIMM in Buffalo. Melissa took the call and then called me and told me, I said I thought we were going to get the phone together and she said I was anxious! I can't blame her cause I would have probably been the same way. To Buffalo We Go

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been A While...

Well it has been a while since I have blogged so I thought I would let everyone know what has been going on in our lives plus we are also coming up on a big game this weekend so I wanted to blog a bit prior to updating everyone about the game this weekend.  Things are going good at work.  I have been working on a redesign of our company webpage for the past year and we have finally begun beta testing it with some of the sales staff and managers.  It was just released to them today, but the overall responses have been positive and happy with the amount of information there.  When you compare it to our current website, it is leaps and bounds ahead of it.  I'll keep you updated and hopefully will provide a link when it is live.

Training for the upcoming Niagara Falls International Mini Marathon has been coming along.  Melissa and I are going to be running at the same pace, which is her's not mine, that will help me pace myself so that I don't do what I sometimes do, start too fast and end up walking.  This past weekend we ran 9 miles straight (4.2 miles less than the full length of the Mini).  We will be running 10 miles this week and then tapering off the running up until the big race.  Wish us luck!

Bush for the Push
Turning to sports, the Fighting Irish are 4-1 with their only loss coming to Michigan and a controversial loss at that.  They have won the last 3 of the those 4 in the final minutes and in one case seconds of the game.  This weekend's showdown in South Bend, which we are going to, should be a good game.  I had tickets to the 2005 "Bush for the Push" game in the Bend and didn't get to go because of work so I hope this weekend's game is as exciting as that game was but with a different outcome.  Here's hoping that Jimmy Clausen and the Irish can put a hurting on the Trojans of Troy.