Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a Difference a Couple of Hours Makes

Today we went to Costco to go shopping and on our way into Costco, I said to Melissa: “Are you hungry?” She replied and said that she was not hungry and that we had eaten out too much this month. I said ok and let it go. Now I have to tell you that since she has become pregnant she has been very hungry. So we headed home to unload the groceries, let the dogs out, and then we had to head out for some more shopping. We happened to pass a “Logan’s Roadhouse” and Melissa said we should get some of their rolls to go along with the ribs that we were cooking back at the house. As we pulled into the parking lot Melissa looks at me and says: “If they do not have rolls to go, we are eating dinner here!” I told her didn’t you just tell me about eating out earlier and she said, I don’t care I am starving. Luckily, they did have rolls to go so we were able to have them with our dinner, that we made at home. I am going to have to keep my ears open to prevent any binge eating.

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