Monday, November 2, 2009

Niagara Mini-Marathon Complete - We Both Made It!

Well we are one week removed from our trip to Buffalo for the Niagara Falls Mini-Marathon and I can't believe that we have a Mini-Marathon under our belts. Melissa and I ran the race together and I started to have some foot pain around mile marker 5 so we decided to slow our pace but move like the tortise (slow and steady wins the race). It was great seeing and hearing all the high school sports teams and groups along the way cheering us on and supplying us with water and gatorade. It was funny, at mile marker 3 I could see Niagara Falls and I turned to Melissa and said look and she just started laughing. At mile 11 though, we both looked and said: "That's not so scary and far now!" We crossed the finish line in just under 3 hours and they even annouced our names! I look forward to my next Mini and my first full Marathon!
Naturally, any trip to Buffalo means that we are coming home with some Buffalo food! Saturday night we went to Tops, a local supermarket, and picked up the following:
  • Case of LaBatt Blue
  • 6 Cans of Grandma Browns Beans
  • 4-5 Bottles of Weber's Spicy Mustard.
We also had a post race celebration friends luncheon at The Anchor Bar (Home of the Chicken Wing). We took Monday off for the drive and then got ready to head out of town. We ran to J.C. Penny's for some Bills hats and clothes and then we were on to Tim Horton's to pick up some Tim Bits, Mighty Taco for lunch and some to go for lunch the next day, and then we called ahead to La Nova Pizzeria and had them make a large Peperonni Pizza and a double order of Bar-B-Q wings, with extra blue cheese. I don't know what it is about Buffalo blue cheese but there is just something about it and you can't get it better any other place. I took the week off of exercising to recover from the Mini-Marathon (and my waistline noticed) but tonight I was back on the case again running a 3 mile jog. I need to start training for the Turkey Trot. Talk to you soon!

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