Saturday, October 17, 2009

Didn’t you Pee on Enough Sticks

Well Melissa decided she was going to take a home pregnancy test to see if she was pregnant or not. This was on a Wednesday and I was on my way home so she took it and I logged into facebook while I was waiting for our food and her status was "Melissa is well......" I called her and she respond with, we're pregnant. Now I was ecstatic but Melissa said we should do it again in the morning to make sure (hey, they were dollar store pregnancy test, so you never know!) So she took another one with the same result, and another, and another, until we had 5 positive tests over 3 days and then the digital test on the last day. We were happy, however, we got bloodwork done at the doctor just to me safe. Now we agreed to get the info together however the doctor's call caught Melissa at home and me in the car on my way home. We were headed out of town to run in the NIMM in Buffalo. Melissa took the call and then called me and told me, I said I thought we were going to get the phone together and she said I was anxious! I can't blame her cause I would have probably been the same way. To Buffalo We Go

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