Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been A While...

Well it has been a while since I have blogged so I thought I would let everyone know what has been going on in our lives plus we are also coming up on a big game this weekend so I wanted to blog a bit prior to updating everyone about the game this weekend.  Things are going good at work.  I have been working on a redesign of our company webpage for the past year and we have finally begun beta testing it with some of the sales staff and managers.  It was just released to them today, but the overall responses have been positive and happy with the amount of information there.  When you compare it to our current website, it is leaps and bounds ahead of it.  I'll keep you updated and hopefully will provide a link when it is live.

Training for the upcoming Niagara Falls International Mini Marathon has been coming along.  Melissa and I are going to be running at the same pace, which is her's not mine, that will help me pace myself so that I don't do what I sometimes do, start too fast and end up walking.  This past weekend we ran 9 miles straight (4.2 miles less than the full length of the Mini).  We will be running 10 miles this week and then tapering off the running up until the big race.  Wish us luck!

Bush for the Push
Turning to sports, the Fighting Irish are 4-1 with their only loss coming to Michigan and a controversial loss at that.  They have won the last 3 of the those 4 in the final minutes and in one case seconds of the game.  This weekend's showdown in South Bend, which we are going to, should be a good game.  I had tickets to the 2005 "Bush for the Push" game in the Bend and didn't get to go because of work so I hope this weekend's game is as exciting as that game was but with a different outcome.  Here's hoping that Jimmy Clausen and the Irish can put a hurting on the Trojans of Troy.

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