Thursday, July 25, 2013

A stove, a fridge and the plumber oh my....

Today was new stove and refrigerator delivery day!  The plumber was also working away today at getting the bathroom ready for the shower & vanity installation.  Of course we have some pictures to share:

The refrigerator!  So shiny!

The stove!  The space where the previous cooktop sat was 36 inches so I really debated going with a standard 30 inch stove and building something to sit on either side or getting a 36 inch stove.  I decided to go with the 36 inch stove since we do a lot of cooking.  I know it will be used.  After a lot of internet searching I found this floor model at Sears at a pretty good discount so we swooped in last Saturday and picked it up.

The overhead shower light.

 More plumbing is ready in the bathroom.

The attic access was relocated (otherwise it would have been over the shower!).  

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