Friday, April 5, 2013

Fort Thomas without Greg

For this outing Greg had to work the Reds game, so the girls and I went out to meet Joy at two houses in Fort Thomas.  One of them Greg was particularly interested in and the other I've had my eye on in the listings for some time and we received a notification this week that the price had dropped.  

Since we'd met with Joy earlier in the week I'd had some time to talk to my Dad a little about the houses we were looking and sent him a link to one we sort of liked but were not sure about.  He recommended I look into houses that weren't already updated and pursue an FHA 203k loan.  He also encouraged us to stay closer to Fort Thomas since Edgewood is 20 minutes further away from work for Greg and myself.  This frustrated me more but I think he could sense that we weren't quite finding what we were looking for.  The one thing he stressed the most was that we have time to look and should not rush into anything.

The Water Tower House:  This was the house Greg was interested in. I didn't love the kitchen in the pictures and I was worried about the ceiling height on the second floor.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the kitchen and found it was pretty functional.  There is a weird little desk by the window but otherwise I thought it could work.  The yard is fenced and just beyond the fence there is the Fort Thomas water tower.  Not the best view but tolerable.  There were two bedrooms on the first floor each with decent sized closets. Then we took the very steep stairs to the second floor.  It was terrible and very tight and I was correct it's not likely Greg would be able to stand up straight.  We were only up there for about two minutes and I didn't bother to look around much before we maneuvered the girls back downstairs.  I didn't even bother to check out the basement because I knew the house wasn't going to work.  

The Mid-Century Modern:  When we drove to this house I was a little thrown it is at the end of a street near 471.  As we walked through this one I was a little intrigued by the house because I was thinking about what my Dad had suggested and taking out an FHA 203k loan and fixing the house up.  This house seems like it could be fixed up to meet our needs.  The kitchen and bathrooms are pretty outdated but the house is pretty immaculate and well maintained otherwise.  Joy told me that the style was mid-century modern 2-3 times as we walked through.  I'm not much into design so that doesn't particularly mean much to me but I think some of the older features are pretty interesting.

When we were done touring this house a had a brief chat with Joy about how I'm kind of frustrated with this process and how we haven't seen anything I've had an instant connection with yet.  She reinforced the fact that we've only seen a few houses and that our price point is very competitive   She stressed that we've been very aggressive with getting information about houses that we are interested in and seeing them quickly and let me know that it was fine to continue looking.    I let her know that I wanted to bring Greg back to see this one again since we are going to see the Lionfish house for a second time tomorrow morning.  

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