Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Second Trip out to Edgewood

It's been about a week and a half since we last met with with Joy and saw the Cat House.  We have a couple more in Edgewood that we are interested in seeing so we saw three houses this trip:

The Lionfish House:  This house is nice.  It is fairly updated and very tidy.  The bedrooms are an ok size and it has two full bathrooms upstairs and a half bathroom downstairs.  The backyard is a pretty good size however, there is a drawback, there was clearly a pool removed within the past few years and no deck just stairs down to the yard.  It is fenced and when the trees come in during the summer it looks like it will be fairly private.  Greg is a big fan of this house because it has a two car garage with a lot of storage.  The house also has a pretty cool aquarium that has a lionfish in it that emerged from behind a rock and scared the heck out of N.  The poor kid fell apart when she saw it!  Since Greg really likes this house we will likely see it again.  I was kind of up in the air about it but I knew we were seeing the cat house again and I was looking forward to seeing it empty.  

The Wheelchair/Creepy Mirror House:  When we couldn't get in right away because the back door was locked.  Joy told us that it was being sold by a woman whose mother had lived there and she had passed.  It was creepy to me before we even went in because there was an old wheelchair sitting in the screened in porch.  Since we couldn't get in the back door we decided to proceed on to the next house.  However, Joy noticed in the instructions that there was a garage door code and we were able to get in.  The lower level of the house had a quasi finished basement.  It is going to need a lot of work to be family friendly.  The stairs to the upper level were kind of steep and made me a little nervous with the kiddos.  The upper level had a fairly updated kitchen and a good size outdated living room.  The bedrooms were a decent size and it had fairly decent closets.  However, at the end of the hallway to the bedrooms there was this awful full length mirror that did the house no justice.  I decided pretty immediately that this house wasn't for us and Greg acted like it wasn't so bad.  It was nixed by the time we pulled out of the driveway.  

The Cat House (revisit):  I was pretty excited to see this house again.  I really wondered it is was "the one."  As we were pulling up to it I noticed one thing that counted against that I hadn't noticed the first time.  It looked exactly the same as the next 4-5 houses on the street.  I'm not a fan of cookie cutter houses.  I'm not really sure how I didn't notice this on our first visit. I was still excited to see the inside again, until we walked in and it still smelled like cats!!  This time I had a bit of a cold and the smell still hit me like a ton of bricks when we walked in and really the whole way through I could not get past it and I was trying.  We didn't completely nix this house with this visit but it's odds have diminished greatly. 

After this trip I decided to pose a question on facebook regarding how you know if a house is appropriate for you.  The answers ran the gamut and held to two extremes, either you feel an instant emotional connection to the house to not allowing yourself to connect with the house at all but just look at the bones and figure out if it meets your qualifications.  To be honest this entire discussion has left me further confused.  I am going to meet Joy and see a couple houses in Fort Thomas Friday night without Greg.  We will see how it goes from here. 

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