Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Offer accepted!

Tonight we found out our second offer was accepted!  Last night Joy contacted us and let us know the owner's had responded to our offer and countered.  We talked about it last night and decided what we wanted to counter and I talked to her this morning about what we were considering and we went ahead and moved forward with a counter to their counter.  She sent over an electronic copy for us to sign in the afternoon.  We didn't expect to hear from her until tomorrow but tonight at 8:30 she gave us a call back to let us know they'd accepted!  

Greg was so excited he called the girls out of bed to tell them and we had to get them back into bed.  Now to move forward we have to apply for the mortgage, turn in the earnest money and get the whole house inspection scheduled.  We are excited to move forward with this process!

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