Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weight Loss Competition

The weight loss competition for our apartment contest ended this past weekend. Greg and I weighed in Friday evening. We lost a combined total of 53 pounds and 9.8% of our body fat. I was not convinced either one of us would win but I was happy with our progress. Greg stopped in at the office on Saturday and asked when we would know and the answer was Monday. We didn't hear anything yesterday so I was beginning to think neither one of us won. However, today when I was out at the grocery store with Nick and Alex I missed a call from the apartment complex. I got a call from Greg a little while later and I found out he won!!!! This evening we went to run before dinner and Greg was ahead of me because I forgot my iPod and had to go back to the apartment. When I got there Greg was waiting for me and told me I needed to check in with Nicole because I never called her back. I told Greg that I knew he had talked to her so I figured it was because he won. So I went to talk to her and guess what? I won too!!!!! We won $400 for our efforts. This journey has been great because along the way we have had many small victories and it helps encourage us to keep trucking. We are more than 3 months in and still going strong!!!!

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