Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 Red's Opening Day!

Today was a great day! It started with me getting to install my cool new software package at work so I can make more powerful & interactive webpages. I overheard my boss being asked if he wanted 2 tickets to Red's Opening Day. It was cold and rainy here in Cincinnati, so the person who had the tickets was having trouble getting rid of them so I was able to get the tickets for my brother Nick and me. We went to the game and were greeted at the top of the elevator by an usher who said, your tickets are right this way sir. I showed my ticket to the usher who came up next and the lady with him said, "Oh you need a wristband." I said, that the tickets were given to me by a friend from work why do I need a wristband. She said, "This wristband gets you free food and soft drinks inside this heated bar/lounge!" I was so excited since baseball game food can get expensive. My brother and I had a great time even though the Reds loss we still had a blast! It was Opening Day Poster Give Away day at G.A.P. so we were able to pick up about 15, hello eBay! I'll tell you what they sell for. Check out the pictures below from our day. Oh, and Ken Griffey Jr. hit a homerun today, that's 1!

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