Monday, April 27, 2009

This week will be a busy week!

This week started off by Melissa and me recovering from a long day on Saturday of exercising. Melissa and I went outside and took some pictures of the 3 of us since it was such a nice day. That's the city in the background and this is the view from our apartment complex. We also thought it would be nice to take a picture of us after our 4 months of exercising so that people could see how we look so that, as one of my friends on facebook said, you can still recognize us :-) The next couple of day Melissa & I will be doing light runs of 3.5 miles and on Thursday and Friday we will likely just walk the dog to prepare for the Flying Pig 5k on Saturday morning. We are also not going to the Kentucky Derby this year :-( I am said about that but we will have plenty of times to go in the future. We will make sure to post our times for the 5K and I can post my time from last year so that you can see if I improved (hopefully) or not. We will also be posting pictures next week Sunday from our canoe trip. Well time to sleep so I can do my 8 hours of photo editing tomorrow in preparation for our pending website redesign.

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