Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday - Exercising, enough said!

Melissa and I went to Loveland yesterday to do some bike riding and running.  Our day started out with a 2 mile run in the hot sun. This lead to some swearing on my part :-).  Next, we met Melissa's co-worker by coincidence and talked to him for a minute.  Then we hopped on our bikes and took off on a 12 mile bike ride to a pavilion we had passed before to have lunch.  Melissa packed a nice healthy lunch of ham sandwiches, fruit salad, and propel sports drink.  We ate lunch and then headed 12 miles back to our car.  The bike ride yesterday was tuff since the wind was against us the whole time.  Next week, we are going to be canoeing in Loveland and hopefully we will be able to take some pictures of our trip.  Our day concluded with a trip to Trader Joes for some salsa and burgers and then we had a dinner of Bison burgers, corn, and Grandma Brown's baked beans.  1 week till the Flying Pig 5k race!

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