Friday, January 31, 2014

De-clutter Mission Day 25-31

We've gotten through our first month of removing excess from our house.  So far as we've gone along it's not been terribly difficult.  There are days where it takes a little poking around to find something but most days we find something fairly quickly.  It feels freeing to let a lot of the excess go, so much less to clean at the end of the day already!

Since we cook real food now we will no longer use petroleum based food coloring.  So out they go.

We don't need two printers!

A couple extra coats this week.

Folding chairs. We can borrow if we need in the future.

We got rid of all the FPLP (except the Disney ones) before Christmas.  Somehow this guy snuck through!

Manuals for stuff we don't even own anymore.

Extra baskets.

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