Thursday, January 9, 2014

Real food update

We are a couple months into our real food journey and I'm happy to say we are still going strong.  We all feel great and our cupboards remind me of my grandmother's house growing up (with food we have to make!). We do eat some processed food but most of the time it is if we go out. After the ten day challenge we agreed that we will still be able to eat out but we would aim for only local restaurants and no chains (except occasionally chipotle since aim to source locally where they can and use sustainable farmers). We primarily aim for restaurants that source their food locally as well. 

We had a mostly real food Thanksgiving and an all real food Christmas meal.  We even picked up the Christmas turkey from a local turkey farm! It was awesome.  We purchased a bread maker and make our own bread and I'm happy to say I've perfected the recipe and my bread maker and I get along well.  The girls have even taken their lunch to school everyday for the last couple months.

Where are we going from here? Well, my stomach does not tolerate much processed food very well since we made the switch so we've kept on trucking. I like trying out new recipes. We can't wait to plant our garden in the spring and we are even considering buying a part of a cow from a local farmer.  We focus a lot at the store on organic non-gmo products with fewer than 5 ingredients.  I've continued to read more about our food system and everything I've learned so far is concerning.  So we will continue to fuel our bodies as best we can.  We certainly don't make perfect choices but it feels good to know we are making better choices and setting a good example for our kiddos.

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