Friday, January 17, 2014

De-clutter Mission Days 14-17

Still working at things but making progress.  We've managed to purge at least one item a day for 17 days. Many days (like today) it's been more than one item.  I'm not taking pictures of everything because that's a little silly.  I am posting at least one for everyday because it holds us accountable.  That is a big reason we post a lot of these blogs, to hold ourselves accountable for the journey we are on and so someday we can tell our kids how we got to where we are at that time.  Here are our photos from the last few days (in no particular order because I'm too tired to look at the dates).

We bought this Fannie pack for our honeymoon. It's traveled with us ever since but never been used.

Some books we shared with day care.

More plates and a couple random toys.

Cleaned out the dog toys a bit.

We have a few Ethernet cables I'm sure.  This is just one I came across late one day.

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