Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why one thing a day? De-clutter Mission Days 18-19

You may be wondering why we are focused on removing just one item a day instead of dedicating a weekend and just removing a bunch of stuff.  The reason for this is because we didn't accumulate everything in a weekend or maybe two.  We accumulated everything over many years, trips to the store, trips to the flea market, holidays, etc.  We've had a couple big distance moves where we have to have a 26 foot truck and still left behind and that was before we had children!  When we added two children to the mix it exploded. We have had stuff in storage since six months before they were born.  If it was in storage did we need it? Probably not.  So if we commit to getting rid of at least one item a day for all of 2014 we will have at least 365 less things to clean, organize or keep track of. 

It's the weekend and there has been lots of de-cluttering going on here.  My basement finally looks somewhat organized again and doesn't have piles of randomness everywhere.  It's nice to walk in there to do laundry and not almost trip over a bunch of stuff.   I threw out or donated tons of wrapping paper that I've been holding onto for years and I still have plenty to probably get through the next couple Christmases (Greg remind me of this post when I try to buy more this year).  We went through our CDs and DVDs and purged quite a few titles, some that have never even been opened.  I also went through a box of holiday decorations that had these really neat centerpieces I made the first year I hosted Thanksgiving and I got rid of a few things there as well.

We've been doing a slow purge through the girls toy room since before Christmas and it has been so nice to see them actually go in there and play because they can move around and at the end of the day we don't have more than 5-10 minutes of clean up because they don't have a lot they can pull out.  

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