Friday, August 30, 2013

Three Ring Circus

Wow! Today was a three ring circus. It's actually mostly been quiet all week on the house front because not much could happen once the stain went down on the hardwoods. So I knew we would see a ton of action today and tomorrow. That we did! When the girls and I got to the house today there were already a few trucks at our end of the street. The shower door/closet rack/mirror installers were working away. The contractors had cleared everything out of the kitchen and the granite guys pulled up a few minutes later. Additionally, the guys who were hanging the doors and putting all the trim in were coming as well. On top of all this Greg scheduled the Internet and Directv for this morning as well. I was pulled in so many directions I thought I was in a three ring circus!  It was pretty quiet in the afternoon as they worked and then the furnace guy came to do a furnace check and install a pump to remove the excess condensation from the a/c (the previous pipe leaked all over the floor).  I'm too tired to go into a ton of detail but all of the above was taken care of and I only dealt with a few temper tantrums from the kiddos since we were off the routine.

Tomorrow they will finish up. Most of the work will be plumbing and appliance installation and while they do that we will be moving the rest of our stuff over!!!  Yeah!!!! So excited for our new normal! Not excited to unpack. Maybe this blog will start to focus on our journey towards decluttering. 

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