Friday, August 2, 2013

Lots of action today

When we scheduled the foundation work we were told it would take three days.  So I scheduled PTO for Wednesday - Friday this week.  Since they finished the foundation work yesterday I debated going back into work today but decided to take N to the doctor to have her stitch removed instead and then head to the house to get some more work done.  Yesterday, I fixed the paint in the play room and pulled up the carpet (by myself!).  I figured today I could finish pulling up the tack strips and fill in the holes.  I spent a couple hours working on this and then got a little frustrated.  There are a lot of staples in front of the closet door.  I got about half of them out and decided it was time to work on something else.  I did get the tack strips up and the holes filled in, I just need to revisit the staples.  

After I went to lunch I stopped in at Lowe's and picked out paint samples for the girls room. I decided to go with Velvety Blush.  I started priming their room today and got two walls done.  After the frustration with covering the pink paint in the play room I decided it was worth the extra energy to just go ahead and prime up front.  Once I get the paint done this week I will go ahead and pull the carpet up in there as well. 

While I was doing this our contractors had lots going on.  The electrician was installing the air vent in the girls bathroom and updating some of the outlets.  The contractors were taking out a little more of the wall in the master bedroom and prepping for the ceramic tile installation in the kitchen.  The framer came and put down the plywood on the floor in the kitchen and framed the wall for behind the peninsula.  I also met the hardwood guy who will be refinishing the hardwoods in the living room & hallway. I've never been in the house while there was a lot of action, it was pretty interesting.  I probably made the contractors crazy but I said hi to everyone who came in and asked about what they were doing!  

As always here are some pictures:


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