Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the Home Stretch? It doesn't feel real...

When Greg and I talk about the house and moving in it's felt abstract for months.  We closed two months ago and already made our first mortgage payment but we are still holed up in a tiny two bedroom apartment. So of course it doesn't feel real.  Well, I guess over the next ten days or so it will become real!  A lot has changed over the last week since I posted the giant list of everything the contractors have left to do.  
  • We've moved a lot from our apartment to the basement.  We are starting to get to bare bones around here.  We have enough dishes for a meal.  Most of the kids toys are over at the house and I've packed about half the closet.  We are hoping on actual moving day that it will pretty much just be big furniture.  
  • We finished staining the base cabinets and started painting the wall cabinets white.  I'm not sure we will have the glass installed in them by moving day but we will live with it. 
  • We've started priming the rooms that still need to be painted: our bedroom, the living room/kitchen, master bath & closet. 
  • The tile in the master bathroom has gone in.  It looks great!
  • The padding for the rest of the carpet has come up. Wow, these floors are in great shape.  They do need to be refinished because there are a few spots that aren't finished since we removed some walls & there are a few worn spots.  But no major issues that we see. 
  • The two remaining cracks we discovered were filled in.  Now, we need some rain around here to make sure they don't leak.  Looking at them I think we probably need to paint over them some day.
  • I've made more decisions and spent more time in contact with the contractors than I think I have with Greg.  This has been a full time job on top of my other two full time jobs (mom & employee). 
What's still to come over the next week:
  • Tub & sink in hall bathroom are getting re-glazed tomorrow
  • Floors will be refinished starting tomorrow
  • Radon mitigation is happening sometime next week
  • Porch railing being installed sometime next week
  • Installation of wall cabinets next week
  • Installation of granite next week
  • Installation of all sorts of lights that I still need to pick everywhere
  • We will continue to paint the cabinets and prime the rooms that need to be painted
Here are some pics of all the progress from this past week:

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