Sunday, December 5, 2010

Success & Epic Fail, A Christmas Story!

This past weekend we decided to get the girl's pictures taken with Santa and then start a family tradition by going out and cutting down our Christmas tree. It snowed Friday night before and all day Saturday so there were a couple inches of snow on the ground. Nothing compared to our Buffalo, NY friends but enough to make the roads icy and slick.  We started out at the mall for pictures with Santa. The girls were dressed in their "I Love Santa" outfits complete with little matching Santa hats. We were met throughout the mall with cries of: "Ohhhhhh, how cute!" and "There sooooooooo adorable!" We made our way over to the spot where the Santa pictures were being taken and as you can see based on the picture to our right the pictures were a success!

We then headed out to the Christmas tree farm. We knew that it was going to be cold outside so we brought the girls snowsuits and along the way N was being especially fussy but we thought maybe she was tired so when we got there Melissa said she was due to be changed. So I pulled her out of the car seat and Melissa exclaimed, "Oh my!" The diaper we put on her last either wasn't on right or failed because we had one poop covered baby! Melissa took her to the back of the car and started to undress her, however as anyone who has changed a baby in the back of a car knows there is not a lot of room. She pulled off N's pants and put them up above her head and then pulled off the shirt and set it aside. Great if N was stationary, not so great if she likes to roll, which she does!

N rolled into her pants with her head, yes getting poop on the back of her head and arms. She then decided to pull the snow pants closer to her, dragging them over the poopy onesie. Once she had a fresh diaper on Melissa handed me the poop covered N and she claims I held her like a bomb, I don't remember this. She told me to go in the front seat and clean her up and change her into the spare outfit we had from the diaper bag (a short sleeve onesie because we hadn't updated the outfits for winter yet). OH, and during this whole process we ran out of wipes (or so we thought little did we realize there was a entire package of wipes that never made it into daycare in the backseat). So here I am in the front seat using another clean onesie dipped in the water cup we got at Chick-fil-a. We got everything taken care of and were able to cut down our first family Christmas tree. See the pictures from cutting down the tree to the left.

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