Sunday, December 19, 2010

Going out in public with twins

When I was pregnant with our girls I had no idea how much attention we would get when we went out in public with two babies. I've come to learn that people are fascinated and very curious about twins. I grew up with twin brothers & my mom's sisters are twins so I've never really thought too much about how special they are to others.

Here is a list of common things we hear and some things we wish we could say in response - we are far more gracious than what we say to each other in the car :)

Are they twins?
Nope, we had them a month apart.
Darn, where did this second baby come from?

A boy and a girl right? (our car seats have pink covers on them)
Can you tell me which one of my daughters looks like a boy?

I don't know how you do it. The idea wears me out.
It wears me out too! We don't have a choice.

Did you know you were having twins?
Nope, 9 ultrasounds and we had no clue.

Well the day we were leaving the hospital, we went to the nursery to pick up this one and that one was unattended so we decided to take her home with us as well!
Nope, it was BOGO at the hospital.

That one is smaller/bigger (pointing at the appropriate baby).
Really, I hadn't noticed the 2.5 pound difference in my children. They feel the same when you pick them up.

Are they identical? (Usually this one comes after they've looked at them for a few seconds)
Well, one has blond hair and one has brown hair. Are those the same color? Nope, then probably not identical.

Which one is older?
I am!

Are you done?
Seriously, what business is that of yours!

Did twins run in your family?
Nope, first they roll, then crawl, then walk, then run!!!

Thank goodness it is you and not me.
They are thankful too.

Am I seeing double?
Nope, I'm just walking around with a giant mirror!

Here is a video on youtube that sums it up for us :)

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