Sunday, December 12, 2010

Six month update

Girls -

This past month has been full of changes. If we'd blinked we might have missed a couple. You are both more independent at play time and seem to play together more. You love your exersaucer so much we put the second one together so you could play in it at the same time. We are debating retiring the swing because it is no longer a place where you will sit and play for long, you want to be on the go. You roll everywhere, that is why we got the playmat mentioned in the previous post. We started a few more solids in the past month off and on with a little success. Mommy has made most of what you eat and it is far easier than I thought it would be! You've also figured out that the camera means it is time to smile. It is so cool that we can not get a picture of both of you smiling at the same time!! This month you got to see your uncle Nick again and meet your Grandpa Bossman for Thanksgiving.

L you are sitting up now. You can sit for about 30 minutes to an hour just playing. You are also happy to just be plopped on your belly and "swim" trying to get places. You got your second tooth this month. Once again this was a fairly pain free process, we didn't even know it was coming up until I felt in your mouth and there it was.

N you aren't quite sitting up but you are close. You can sit with the boppy pillow behind you. You are more content to roll around and see what is going on. You are constantly rolling back and forth to change your vantage point. No teeth for you yet but you are chewing on everything in sight.

We've survived a half a year already and we know the adventure is just beginning!!! We love to watch you grow but we also want to freeze these moments in time and cherish them as much as we can.

Love you,
Mommy and Daddy

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