Saturday, December 18, 2010


The girls had their 6 month appointment with their pediatrician yesterday. Of course we had lots of questions for the doctor. The primary one was is all of this dry red skin eczema??? In the past month both girls have developed yucky, dry, red skin patches and we haven't been able to determine the source.

Unfortunately, both girls have eczema. The first thing the Dr. J asked was what solids we've been giving the girls and we have not been giving a large amount of solid foods up to this point so he wasn't sure what caused the flare up. He examined the girls and said they looked good. He then asked what kind of milk they are getting and I responded mine with a little bit of supplementing. Then it dawned on me, the red skin flare up began about 3 weeks ago when we began supplementing again. Dr. J said that was probably the issue, they are probably sensitive to the lactose. He gave us a couple can of Similac Sensitive to use for our supplementing to see if we notice a difference. We are also washing the girls with a special soap and lotioning them up really well after their baths. Hopefully the dry yucky skin goes away.

Other than this issue the girls are doing well. L weighed 15 lb 11 oz and N weighed 13 lb 2 oz. They both remained in approximately the same position on their respective growth curves. L has a cold virus of some sort and had a fever so no shots yesterday. We will set up an appointment in the next couple weeks to get them, take all the pain of fussy babies at once!!!

**Update** The girls haven't had any supplementing in 2 days - we had a stash of milk in the freezer we've dipped into - and the red, dry skin has really cleared up. We will try the Similac tomorrow in their daycare bottles and see if it returns. If no, we've found our culprit.

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