Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Tale Of Two Daycares

The past Monday, Melissa and I took a half day from work and went to visit 2 day cares in preparation for the 2nd coming in June (some might have referred to them as our babies but that's what I am calling them :-)) The first one we went to seemed pretty nice. They had a very clean establishment. It was near a school so it seems safe. We talked to the lady who ran the infant room and she showed us around. We then went down and spoke to the directory who gave us the total for the 2 bebes (which by the way, OUCH)! As we were talking about the place the director's daughter was there talking about a set of twins that were at the daycare. She couldn't remember their last names so she yells to another girl, "Julie, do you remember what Colin and Hayden's last name is, remember the dad is really hot!" Melissa and I laughed and I am sure the director was turning several shades of red!

So we decided to go to another day care and just show up, we read in a book and saw it several places online that it's best to just show up so that you can see how directors handle things without planning. The director at this second day care took everything in stride. She pitched in in the infant room because it was nap time and one of the babies didn't want to rest on the floor by herself so she picked her up and rocked her back and forth. Now we were talking about the day care when all of a sudden we hear this THUD. We all said, "What was that?" We turned and looked in the 1 year old part of the room and one of the boys must have wanted to come over and say hi because he took a running start and ran into the door, he must have been trying to get our attention. We are not sure which one we are going to go with but I figured you would like to hear about the process.

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