Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pregnancy and Winter!

Well being that Melissa is pregnant, I am trying to pick up the slack and take over responsibilities of keeping the house clean and together. I definitely have have a new found appreciation for her work around here. It is a tough job and it seems like a never ending cycle of loading, unloading dishwashers, cleaning the kitchen, living room, etc. Anyways, Melissa I just wanted to say I appreciate you :-). 

Now you may be wondering what the picture to the right has to do with this post. Well, we went shopping and I left a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi in Melissa's car. She said to me before we got out of the car last time, "You better bring that in otherwise it might explode, something I learned in my 20's. I, as the picture can show you, didn't listen and forgot about the 12 pack until we went to the store the next day and I opened up the back hatch of the CRV and realized that a can in the pack had exploded. So, to sum up, it only took me an additional 10 years to learn the lesson that Melissa learned in her 20's.

I also have started to exercise and run again.  My waistline has started to grow again so it's time to start running nightly and watching my diet.  I have "hopefully" topped out at 229 lbs.  I hope to run in the 2010 Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon.  I will keep you up to date on my training via my twitter feed:  Http://www.twitter.com/RunningGreg.

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