Friday, January 8, 2010

15 week OB appt

Today we went to my 15 week OB appt. Greg came along for this one after much debate. We are trying to save his PTO so that he can spend as much time at home after the babies are born as possible, but he wanted to be there and I wanted him to come along for the visit.

As usual I went prepared with my list of 10 questions regarding how I'm feeling, sleeping, eating, etc. and the doctor once again patiently answered all of them. I'd gained 8 pounds since my last visit which he said was normal because I'd been so sick in the first trimester that my body had to make up for the weight I hadn't gained earlier. He measured my uterus and it measured at about 18 weeks for a woman pregnant with a singleton, which is normal for twins. It will grow dramatically in the coming weeks.

Lastly, we got to hear the babies' heartbeats! At first the doctor had a hard time finding the second one but they were located in two different positions in my uterus. One baby was higher up and the second was lower.

We go back for an ultrasound in three weeks for growth & cervical length. We are looking forward to possibly finding out what the sexes are but it might not be possible given their position at the time of the visit. We will keep you updated.

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