Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy Saturday

This Saturday Melissa & I did a lot. Melissa bought this book "Baby Bargains" which told her that there was a Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic clearance center in Hebron, KY. This is where those 3 stores take stuff that is either last year's fashions, damaged, or returned and the blow it out for dirt cheap. Melissa got a ton of maternity clothes for not a lot of money :-). Then we had tickets to the ND vs. UC men's basketball game. I had a friend of mine and her fiancee coming in to go to the game with us. I was able to get everyone to try Terry's Turf Club. I had heard their burgers were great and boy were they. This was the kind of place that my dad would have loved, a hole in the wall place with good food.

We then headed for the basketball game. We got there right before the tip and found out that they were going to honor the UC Football team at halftime (of the ND game humm, coincidence)? Luke Harangody had a uncharacteristic game and the Irish lost at the buzzer but all in all we had a great day. I will say this for the UC head coach, his players started a chant half way through the 1st half "Irish Suck" and he looked up and them and gave them a motion to knock it off. Tomorrow, it is supposed to be warm enough that I might go running outside at Lunken Airport while Melissa walks April. Lastly, they are doing the weight loss competition at our apartment complex again this year. I am going to enter it and hopefully win it again, wish me luck!

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