Sunday, August 29, 2010

We got mobiles!

When we found out we were having twins I knew we were going to be spending a lot of money to prepare for the babies. So I spent a lot of time looking for deals on baby items and I got quite a few deals. I was also very fortunate because I was given quite a few hand me down baby items that have come in quite handy, such as one of our swings, the bouncy seat & boppy covers. One thing I made a decision not to buy or register for was mobiles. Everywhere I looked they ranged from 50-60 dollars. I just could not justify spending that much money for something that will only be on their cribs for 6 months and they wouldn't be able to see for the first 2. Yesterday we were at the Gap Clearance Center because Gap has a 30% off coupon for all of their stores and I wanted to get a couple new sweaters in preparation for the fall and winter. If you've never been to the Gap Clearance Center it is pretty nifty. This is the place where all of the returns, defects, overstock, etc for the Gap brands are clearanced out. You have to be cautious about what you buy there because some stuff has holes in it or stains on it but I found some great deals on maternity clothes there when I was pregnant and we've been back a couple times since the girls arrived as well.

When we first arrived I was surprised to see they had their winter coats out already and I immediately looked for some for the girls. I was in luck! They had winter coats and they were $14.99. There were two in the girls sizes so I grabbed them and took them over to Greg to have him give them the once over. They must have been overstock because they were in great condition. Check, one thing off my list. I'd already been thinking about how I had to get them winter coats and where I could get a deal on them. After I shopped around for awhile and picked up a few things we headed back over to the baby section to see if there were any clothes we wanted to pick up for the girls. They start daycare this week and we have to bring 2 back up outfits each for them for accidents. That is half their 3-6 wardrobe!!! While we were over there we saw these mobiles. The boxes were all beat up so we took them out and tested them and they worked. They weren't priced but the original price was $60! So we took them up front and figured we would find out what they cost and decide if we wanted to get them. We got up front and found out they were $20 bucks each. Plus, we had the 30% off coupon so they came out to $14!! Also the coats we got came up at $6.99 instead of $14.99 so they were only $5 after the discount. We brought them home and immediately put the mobiles on their cribs and they LOVE them!! Here are some pictures:

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