Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby & Daddy's First Diaper Change

So after the babies were born they inevitably had to be changed.  Since Melissa had just had a c-section I was on deck!  The nurse came to the room and was checking on Melissa and the babies and I mentioned to her that Leah had pooped.  She said, "Ok, I'll change her this time and you'll watch, and then next time you'll do it on your own."  I said ok and watched her change Leah.  Any new parent knows that the first couple of poops are filled with what is called meconium which is a thick, black, tar-like substance.  The nurse finished changing Leah and left the room.  About 2 hours later guess what Leah did again!  I called the nurse and she looked at me and said, "Ok, your on your own with this one.  I'll watch but you're going to change her."  I said ok and started changing Leah.  I opened the diaper and she had in fact pooped, as evident by the pile of meconium in her diaper.  I proceeded to clean Leah up when it happened, out meconium started to come!  I looked at the nurse and she said, "It's ok, just clean it up."  I did this and then started to get flustered because Leah continued to poop and poop and poop.  I said, "She won't stop, ahhhh!"  Melissa and the nurse lost it and laughed uncontrollably.  So I can happily say that I have a very good, first diaper changing story to add to my collection of stories to tell.

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