Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So Happy Together

As you may remember the girls shared a bassinet in the hospital and slept well together.  However, when we arrived home we didn't have much luck sleeping them together and it was difficult because they need to sleep at an angle and they don't make positioners for twins.  As a result the girls have not slept together more than a few times.  However, when we moved them to their own cribs we left the pack n play in our bedroom and it has a bassinet they can both sleep in.  Often if we have a hard time getting one back down we will put her in the bassinet and leave her in the bedroom so we can get to her quickly if she does not fall right to sleep.  We also use it after 5 am because Greg is getting up for work and I'm usually trying to grab an extra 20 minutes of sleep.  The past few mornings I've woken up to find both girls in the pack n play and they are usually snuggled up near each other.  This is funny since when they sleep in their cribs they don't move.  It's as if they can sense the other's presence and they try to get closer!!!  Too cute!

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