Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two days to go (maybe)!!

Today we had what I think will be our last doctor's appointment and ultrasound. Tomorrow is our amnio and if their lungs are ready to go we have a c-section scheduled for Thursday morning.

The visit with the doctor was fairly uneventful. He listened to their heartbeats and answered our questions about our next steps. He didn't check me because I haven't been contracting much. He also said that if I go into labor regardless of the amnio results they would not stop it at this point and I would have a c-section. He said my pregnancy has been a model twin pregnancy and he is glad they have maintained their growth at the same rate.

Our ultrasound revealed that these girls have been busy growing quite a bit in the past 2 weeks. Also, Baby B is now transverse. I think she is trying to figure out how to get around her sister to the right position. Here are their stats (remember these are not exact):

Baby A:
6 Lbs. 7 oz.
71st Percentile

Baby B:
6 Lbs. 3 oz.
64th Percentile

Greg and I both had our last day at work today (mine was from the couch as it has been for the past 4 weeks). I think I'm done regardless of the amnio results but if their lungs aren't developed Greg will go back to work on Thursday.

It is all very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It felt like this day would never come but it is here already.

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