Monday, June 7, 2010

A Review of Sparkpeople's Blackberry Application

In this post I am going to review Sparkpeople's new blackberry application for tracking your weight, food, nutrition, etc. My overall impressions of the application are positive. It is responsive and works 90% of the time. The 10% of the time that I had issues could be as a result of connectivity issues with my provider. Once you get used to using it, I think that it will be a great application for you to have on your blackberry. I plan on using it to record data and look up food and calorie counts. Below is a preview of the application screens.

When you open the SparkPeople Blackberry App you are greeted with a count of the total calories you have available for the day and how many calories you have burned and how many you have left to burn for the day.

Along the top you'll see links to the food tracker, fitness tracker, weight tracker, and more (where you can track your water intake for the day, view reports, modify your overall goal, etc). If you click the food tacker you can enter the food you take in during the day similar to if you were on your personal computer. The great thing is you have access to all the same foods that are in SparkPeople's vast database of both entered and stored foods. At the bottom of the screen is a running daily tally of your calories, carbs, proteins, and fats.

The next screen you can record your exercising for the day. On this screen you can see how many calories you need to burn for the day to meet your daily goal. Along the bottom, there is a total of your daily total/daily goal and your weekly total/weekly goal in minutes of exercise and calories burned.

The next tab is where you can record your weight daily and it also shows you how much you weighed the last time you weighed yourself. The last tab is where you can do various other actions like record how much water you took in during the day. You can change your overall weight goal, toggle your meal plans in your food tracker, and run reports on your overall progress.

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