Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First day home

They really do not like their cute outfits!

Who is this?  I want to say Hi!!!!

Ready to go!

Yesterday, Melissa, Leah, and Natalie were discharged from the hospital.  I drove everyone home (I must say my driving has started to change already because of the new additions to the family) and Melissa went in first to see April.  April was ecstatic and when I brought the girls in she was anxious to see meet them and then the fun began.  We got all the bags from the hospital, luggage, etc into the house and then it was time for a feeding, changing, and napping for the girls.

An hour and a half later :-) I was sent to CVS to get Melissa's pain meds, some other items, and then to Wendy's for dinner.  I drove all the way to CVS and got to the front counter to drop off the Rx and there was no script.  I panicked.  I called Melissa at home, waking her I'm sure and had to drive all the way home to look for myself since she didn't see it anywhere.  I got back to the house and couldn't find it so I had to to call the doctor's office to see if they could write another script for the pain meds (sure this sounded on the up and up :-/). As I am talking to the after hours receptionist explaining why I am calling she is taking all my info to have the OB on call check about writing another script and I said, "Nevermind, I just found the script under some burp cloths and a onesie."   The receptionist laughed and I headed back out to get the items needed. Later on that night, strong storms were headed into the area which made Melissa and I happy since we love good storms, however this one got out of hand!  Around 10:45 PM, the tornado siren, YES THE TORNADO SIREN, went off!!! I grabbed bottles and April, Melissa had the babies, and we headed into the master bathroom which was away from the windows.  We took the computer to see when it would be ok to come back out.  Luckily, the warning expired at 11:05 PM and we were able to head back to "sleep" - (I use the term sleep loosely since any new parents know "sleep" really means "nap") .  It was a jam packed day.

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