Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quiet Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! He is risen!

We celebrated quietly this year. We started with the early Easter mass so we did not have to go with all of the C & E's to the mid and late morning masses. Mass was still a little busy but not as bad as we've seen later in the morning. We went to the parish Greg officially registered us with this past week, St. Therese. After mass we headed out to Sunday Brunch at Claddagh Irish Pub. It was super yummy! We've been their for brunch on other occassions and it is always nice. Then we hit Meijer where it was great to grocery shop and practically be the only people at the store!

After all of this we came home and I was ready for a nap! I slept for a couple hours while Greg went for his long run of the week. He is preparing for the Flying Pig in 4 weeks and is in the final stages of preparation. When Greg got home we prepared a turkey breast, potatoes and green bean casserole. This is one of Greg's favorite meals because he loves my maple bourbon turkey glaze & gravy.

It was nice to have a quiet Sunday and relax a little as we prepare for the excitement that is to come in a little less than 3 months!

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