Saturday, April 24, 2010

April's Haircut & Funny

Today we took April for a haircut. We have to keep her trimmed every 2 months or she becomes a big ole mess!!! That afternoon after he took her to the groomer he went to the grocery store. While he was there he picked up some Dingos, which are April's rawhide of choice. When he got home he brought in half the groceries and went back out to the car to get the rest. I was resting on the couch and April went over and sniffed at the groceries bags as she always does. I told her no and she darted away. When Greg came back in he asked her why I gave her a Dingo already and I said I hadn't, the little sneak had managed to get her nose in the package and get one before I told her to get out of the groceries! Here is a picture of her with her loot!

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