Saturday, March 6, 2010

Moving babies

Over the past 3 weeks I've really started to feel these girls move around in there. It's not the flutterly movements everyone describes so much as kicks and punches. One of the babies has an anterior placenta, which means that her placenta is on the front of my uterus. This makes it a little more difficult to feel movement earlier on.

Greg has been able to feel kicks and punches as well! This happened about two weeks ago and went something like this (we were in the car on our way out to dinner):

Greg (with his hand on my belly): Oh, someone just kicked me!
Me (I didn't feel a thing): No, she didn't!
Greg: Yes, she did.
Me: I don't believe you!
Greg: Put your hand right here.
Me (after about 20 seconds): Oh my goodness! She did kick you!!!
Greg (hand back on my belly): I told you!
Me: Why didn't I feel it on the inside? (anterior placenta)
Greg: I don't know, but she just did it again!
Me (hand back on my belly again): Do it again! Do it again!

We found out based on their positions Tuesday that it was most likely little baby girl B doing the kicking.

As for little baby girl A. I feel her most frequently when she kicks my bladder. I feel a consistent bam, bam, bam right on the bladder!

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