Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Full Saturday!

Today was a full day. It started out with me headed out to Lunkin Airport to do my long run of the week. Every week I try and do a run that is longer than my previous week's long run and a lot longer than my regular runs during the week of 4 - 6 miles. I ran 8 miles last week so this week I shot for 9 miles. We have had a lot of snow last month and it has begun, after melting, to cause flooding. The airport has a track around it that has mile markers at every 1/2 mile. I started out and got to the 4 mile marker and was going to go around once completing 5 miles and then do 4 more miles. However when I got half way to the 4.5 mile maker I was greeted with the picture to the right. I decided to turn around and then just add a 3/4 mile on the other end. I finally got done with my run and headed back home to change and head out for an afternoon of shopping with Melissa. I got back to the house, showered, changed and we headed out. We stopped at McAlister's Deli for lunch. I love McAlister's because they have several meals that are under 500 calories for you to choose from and they are actually filling for me. I chose a chipotle chicken wrap and taco salad. They were good! We then headed out the Babies R'Us because they were having a Diapers sale that if you bought 2 boxes you would get a $20.00 gift card. After that we got a call from Melissa's friend from Buffalo who was coming in to visit us. She was bringing something that makes me very very happy. She was bringing us La Nova Pizza & Wings! We headed over to meet her on the other side of town and did our grocery shopping for the week and then called her and met her in the parking lot. She brought her grand-daughters who we met last time she was in town and they were great to hang out with. They remembered my car was yellow and saw a car in the parking lot and screamed, "I SEE HIM!" However, what they didn't realize was that we took Melissa's car and that we were not the car they thought we were. Melissa's friend, Sandy, brought us the Yummy Pizza, Wings, and also brought us a couple of gifts for the babies, some blankets, clothes, and bibs! We went home and Melissa needed a nap and I needed some PIZZA! I heated up the Pizza, Wings, and got out the Blue Cheese and Celery and had a nice relaxing evening watching some NCAA March Madness (Kansas, Villanova, New Mexico...Wait didn't I say relaxing)?

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