Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gestational Diabetes

Last week I had my one hour glucose test to do an initial screen for possible gestational diabetes. For some reason I was not surprised when I got a call the day after the test saying that I'd failed and I needed to come in for the three hour glucose tolerance test. I decided rather than waiting around and dreading it I would take Friday off from work and get it overwith.

Let me tell you how much fun a three hour GTT is. First, I was not allowed to eat anything after midnight. This has become darn near impossible for me. I wake almost every night and have a small snack because my stomach is growling. I was also not allowed to have any water during this time except for small sips so the results were not skewed. I arrived for the test at 8:30 am and signed in. The lab tech took me back and asked a few questions and drew a baseline sample of my blood. Then I was given the pleasure of drinking the sweet glucose drink once again except this time at a higher concentration than last time. Then I was sent off to the waiting room to wait for an hour until I had my first of three blood samples taken, once an hour for the next three hours. Now this would have been fine and dandy if I were not bored out of my cotton pickin mind!!! I brought books with me to read and I wanted nothing to do with them once I was sitting there. So I played on my blackberry for three hours, it was an absolute riot (hint of sarcasm here).

Yesterday at my doctor's appt we received the results and luckily I passed!!!!! I was very concerned since my risk for gestational diabetes is higher with multiples in general. Thank God we are in the clear there and I can come up with something else to worry about.

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